Welcome to Rhino refinishing – Kitchen Cabinet & Bath Tub Refinishing

Rhino refinishing service offers three particular customer services for your home renovation needs:
Kitchen cabinets after many years become dull, the finish has worn off or they could be the wrong color. I offer a service to refinish and bring back the look of new kitchen cabinets or color change without the high cost of replacing your kitchen cabinets.

I resurface bathtubs. They to get worn over the years or it could be that the color is dated. You might like to see a new shiny finish that is easier to clean and maintain. You may be selling your home and would like it to look as nice as possible. I can come into your home and in one day refinish your tub for you.

I offer the installation of one piece tub surrounds. Installations are made of laminate material and you have many choices of color. A one piece tub surround requires much less maintenance to keep it maintained and looking good over the years. It will outlast the installation of the new tub.

I offer the installation of a new tub, new taps and a new one piece tub surround installation service. One contractor call that does it all.

I have been in this business for over 30 years and enjoy putting a smile on my customers faces.